The scientific committee is responsible for developing the scientific programme that will form the context in which the research projects are amalgamated. It is also responsible for proposing to the steering committee the scientific management methods for the implementation phase.



Catherine Paradeise

A Distinguished Emeritus Professor, Catherine Paradeise is a sociologist specialised in labour markets and higher education and research organisations and policies. She has led several European and international research projects on higher education and research.


 French researchers

Alain d’Iribarne An economist, Alain d’Iribarne is a former Administrator of the Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (Home of the Human Sciences Foundation) and a former Director of the CNRS’ Human Sciences and Society Department. He studies from a multidisciplinary perspective the relationships that can exist between the processes of distributing and appropriating technological innovations and changes in work, employment and lifestyles.  CV
Claude Dupuy An Economics Professor and former Vice-President of University of Bordeaux IV, he has been a member of the project coordination committee and responsible for leading the Governance group in charge of designing the target institutional structure for the University of Bordeaux. His latest research focuses on institutional investors, with special attention turned to studying their portfolio choices. CV
 Gaële Goastellec A sociologist and senior lecturer at the University of Lausanne, Gaële Goastellec teaches general sociology, the sociology of education and the international comparative approach. A former Fulbright New Century Scholar fellow (2005-2006) and Lavoisier fellow (2004-2005), she manages the "Higher Education Policies and Organisations" research unit, which analyses higher education policies, inequalities of access and academic markets from a socio-historical and comparative perspective. CV
Philippe Laredo An economist and Director of Research (École des Ponts Paristech, Institute For Research and Innovation in Society), he is a professor at the University of Manchester (Manchester Business School, Institute of innovation research). His research interests cover radical innovations, the dynamics of research groups and public measures in research and innovation. He coordinates a new European research infrastructure on research and innovation (RISIS, 2014-2018). CV
Yves Lichtenberger An emeritus Professor of sociology, he chaired the PRES University Paris-Est from 2007 to April 2010. The former President of the University of Marne-la-Vallée, this researcher at LATTS (Techniques, Territories and Societies Laboratory) has been the Director of CEREQ (French Centre for Research on Qualifications). His fields of research include work organization, professional relationships and professional qualifications. CV
Patrick Llerena Managing Director of the University of Strasbourg Foundation, he is a professor of economics in the Faculty of Economics and Management at the University of Strasbourg and a member of BETA (Bureau for Economic Theory and Applications). CV
Marie-Laure Morin A jurist and research director at CNRS, Marie-Laure Morin has also been a trial judge at the Supreme Court of Appeals.


Emmanuelle Picard A senior lecturer at ENS in Lyon, her research covers the history of higher education in the 20th century and, in particular, the construction of the university profession and scientific evaluation.


Jean-Claude Thoenig Director of research at CNRS, Jean-Claude Thoenig is especially interested in the sociology of organisations and political sociology. His research themes include: “the cognitive management of organizations,” “the societal marking of companies,” “is the company a body that produces civilization?,” “rebellion as an innovative action in work organizations” and “Why is bureaucracy the future?” CV

 Foreign researchers

Arie Rip Dutch social scientist, is now retired from his chair in Philosophy of Science and Technology in the University of Twente (Netherlands). His work is in the domain of STS (Science, Technology and Society) and science and technology policy studies.  One focus is Constructive Technology Assessment of emerging technologies, another is the future of science institutions. CV
Peter Weingart Peter Weingart Emeritus professor of sociology of sciences at the University of Bielefeld, Germany, Peter Weingart has also chaired the Commission of the Austrian Agency for Research Integrity since 2011. CV

 Members - Practitioners

Andrée Sursock A specialist in higher education and research policies, Andrée Sursock is a senior advisor for EUA (European University Association). She has participated in audit missions at university sites in the midst of restructuring in France and in Europe. She has been a member of the steering committee of the Foundation of Higher Education and Research and of the National Higher Education Strategy Committee CV