The study in progress to set up the program Protée is support by two institutions : the Conference of University Presidents (CPU) and the European University Association (EUA). If the study woud let place to an implementation, theses institutions could by a side incitate universities to participate in the project an in an other side support the funding researches.

It will also be supported by a support team dedicated to the programme. 

Researchers who join the Protée network could find the following contributions and support:

  • Protée could provide an exchange and discussion platform between researchers/practitioners: exchanges and cooperation between researchers will be organised (workshops, theme-based seminars and doctoral seminars) and information distribution systems put in place so synergy between the various work can be established as much as possible
  • The network’s work and production will be made available (via a dedicated website, a newsletter and theme-based distribution lists)
  • The connection between research and universities will be facilitated (e.g.; by passing on questions/difficulties encountered by management teams to researchers and by negotiating with universities access to sources or institutions’ announcements of doctoral allocations)
  • Support for putting together funding request files: Protée could not directly fund the research projects that will be put together through the network, but it may support the search for funding, both by helping put together the operational and financial package (ability to fund missions and work seminars) and through a lobbying activity.
  • Constituting, maintaining and making available a Protée database, in addition to the existing databases (see section 4.1), collecting the data related to the processes of concentrations and mergers, providing information for the different research projects and producing a comparative map of the changes in higher education in Europe.