The following research subjects are identified as possible areas the programme could be structured around. They may evolve based on the expressions of interest that will be received:

  • Developing agendas with the phenomena of appropriating the change initiatives they depend on, the systems of interest, the power relationships and the shift in the power relationships the change initiatives generated.
  • The concrete organisation and governance transformation processes: tools/standards/participants/structures and how they are arranged (trajectories over time), including their relationships with the other regional and national participants and impacts on the organisation’s advanced learning abilities.
  • The “individual and group behaviours” when the resources and constraints are shifted due to the concentration.
  • The histories that tell the origin of the initiatives and the action strategies (the “narratives”) and are used to establish the strategies: grounds and/or drivers of the action (action’s conceptual universe), contents, consensus, etc. (including the ministerial, European and other positions).
  • The results obtained with respect to the announced objectives (teaching and available education programme; research; international teaching and research visibility; and economic and organisational efficiencies), including both the desired results and the unexpected impacts.
  • The map of the trajectories of institutional change in the European ARI landscape and the contextualisation/outlook of university processes of concentrations and mergers in the general changes.