The feasibility study, initiated in October 2013, is in the process of being finalised. The final report will be submitted in November 2014. This study phase was led by a steering committee backed by a provisional scientific committee. A project manager (A. Goudot) manages the programme operationally and a coordination and communication assistant (A. Dubois) was mobilised fulltime over the study period.

The calendar for this phase of the structuring is as follows:

  • 27 October: issue a call for expression of interest
  • 27 Oct. - 15 December: collect the responses
  • 30 Oct. – 15 January: put respondents into contact with each other as needed with a view to coordinating and harmonising the work (possibility of organising and/or funding ad hoc work seminars)
  • 15 Dec. - 15 January: stabilise a version “V0” of the network and a preliminary version of the Protée programme (V0), define the sequence of the research workshop accordingly and propose the funding search strategy
  • 28 January: research workshop in Bordeaux, with a presentation of the tools and resources available to researchers, workshops on the emerging themes and exchanges around the proposed funding search strategy
  • 28 Jan. - 15 February: adjust the programme and the funding search strategy based on the workshop results (V1), with the researchers involved and under the scientific committee’s coordination. Researchers commit to Protée and information is collected
  • 2015: put together funding requests and launch a portfolio of pilot actions that can be applied