The Conference of University Presidents (CPU)

It finances 50% of the study and is a go-between to national universities and institutions.

“The Conference of University Presidents is a Law of 1901 association, which brings together executive managers of universities and higher education and research institutions in order to express the voice and values of universities in the public debate. It currently includes about 100 voting members (university presidents, directors of higher education institutions, INP, INSA and general administrators) as well as associate members.” Learn more about the CPU

The European University Association (EUA)

In addition to its support in establishing contact with European universities in the midst of restructuring, the EUA could support Protée by enriching the scientific work through its knowledge of the university terrain and its needs in terms of change management. It will also provide in the “application” section its consulting know-how.

“The European University Association (EUA) is the organization representing the universities and national conferences of university presidents from 47 European countries, with 850 members.  The EUA plays a major role in the Bologne process and in defining the European Union policies with regards to higher education, research and innovation. Thanks to its relations with many other European and international organisations, the EUA guarantees that the independent voice of European universities is heard each time decisions are taken that have an impact on their activities.”  Learn more about the EUA

Maison des Sciences de l’Homme d’Aquitaine (MSHA)

It provides the programme’s operational foundation.

“Like all of the Homes of Human Sciences (MSH) established in both a local and regional site and in the National network of MSHs, the MSHA constitutes a privileged space for cross-functional research in human and social sciences. Placed under the sign of the five “Is” of inter-institutional, inter-disciplinary, international, incubation and insertion in the regional milieu, it plays the role of a facilitator for the Aquitaine community of researchers.” Learn more about the MSHA


University of Bordeaux

The Protée concept has emerged from the context of the merger of Bordeaux universities. The University of Bordeaux supported this emergence by providing initial funding.

“Born from the merger of the Bordeaux 1, Bordeaux Segalen and Montesquieu Bordeaux IV universities after nearly 3 years of a collaborative construction project, the University of Bordeaux is more than the simple juxtaposition of these 3 original institutions. It is a really new institution that meets the desire to create “a new university model” in Bordeaux. Learn more about the University of Bordeaux


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