Major step in the structuration of the research network Protée, the call for expression of interest Protée is opened. The response dead line previously set at 15 December 2014, is postponed at 10 January  2015.

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The Protée programme aims to structure a European network of multidisciplinary and comparative research on managing complex changes, taking as field of study the current or future university restructurings in Europe (mergers or other types of institutional processes of concentrations and mergers, like the university associations or communities in France). The research carried out as part of the Protée programme will be conducted in a spirit of understanding the existing diversities and taking into account all of the components from the most elementary to their more global arrangements.

Protée also aims to create the conditions for developing the network’s work (i.e.; the appropriation and use of the scientific knowledge by the players involved in change management).

Protée is an emerging programme: after an exploratory phase, which made it possible to generate an initial group of players and institutions (June 2013 – Avril 2014), Protée is at the stage of finalisation of a feasability study , which the last stage is the launch of a call of expression of interest to searchers and practitioners in managing complex changes.